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Lady Susan: by Jane Austen

adapted by India Marie Paul

Jane Austen's first written work, LADY SUSAN, was never publication ready but was still published after her death. She began the piece when she was 17 years old and wrote the narrative all in letters with a conclusion writing out the rest of the story's outline. It follows a widow who has to flee to her in-laws estate in the country and is determined to get her daughter married. With her charm and wit she  manages to throw this quiet place into quite a tizzy. 

My adaptation aims to make this novella feel complete with the addition of a narrator who has uncovered these letters in an investigation into her namesake, the one and only Lady Susan.

eBook ISBN: 9781716983689   

Paperback ISBN: 9781716985591

Audiobook ISBN: 9781662206979

Lady Susan - sampleKate Loprest
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Within This Tower
by India Marie Paul

90 min. / no intermission
3W, 1M, 1 any

WITHIN THIS TOWER is a full length one act inspired by Samuel Beckett and the Grimm fairytales. It follows two quirky princesses waiting in a tower to be rescued. With appearances from Rapunzel and her prince the play explores friendship, happiness, and true love. Shenanigans ensue. (Some adult language)

These lovely humans brought the house do

Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado

by India M. Van Camp


12 min

3W, 2M

This short play adaptation had it's premiere in the US at the University of Indianapolis and it's UK premiere with the Henley Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society in three festivals.


Awards (UK)

Henley Drama Festival- Magic Moment, Best Supporting Actress, Best Stage Presentation, Best Overall Production

Abington Festival- The Colin Dexter Award for Magic Moment

Wallington Festival- Best Overall and Punter's Prize



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