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Hello Out There Productions was created to bring artists together to create stories that connect us all at the most human level. Providing multi-medium storytelling, we look to bridge the gaps of understanding between people by proving just how similar we all are. Remember, you're not alone out there.

We were founded by India Marie Paul in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic as a response to the closure of theatres and performance spaces. Hello Out There Audio became the first platform created as it allowed artists to work while in isolation and collaborate to create dynamic audio performances. Hello Out There Publications was then created to share the textual work and have our stories reach as many as possible.

Current Projects

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Co-hosted by India Marie Paul and Katie Zutter

A podcast focused on the portrayal of female protagonists in film, literature, and stage. Grab a cup of tea and join Katie and India for laughs, origins, opinions, tackling the patriarchy, and more. Take a deep dive into a new fandom or genre each season. Whether you like princesses, witches, warriors, fairies, fantasy, or just female centric stories, we have you covered.

Listen on: Apple, Spotify, Google, Podbean and more

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